Meltem Ataç
Meltem AtaçKariyer Komitesi Koordinatörü

Main Responsibilities:

  • Creating a C.V Data Bank.
  • HR Support to private companies in order to increase female employment.
  • Creating and applying a mentoring program
  • Intership Possibilities
  • Collaborations with companies in Energy Sector
  • Studies on providing scholarship support through private foundations and energy companies

The greatest needs of women in energy sector:

  1. To be redirected in terms of carrier and employent plans
  2. support from a larger organization to reach people and companies they cannot reach individually
  3. to ensure that they will be evaluated equally in job interviews.

As TWRE, our aim is to guide the new generation and provide the guidance and support.

Of course, we are not an employment agency, we are just leading.

It is our members responsibility to get the job and be successful at the end of our referrals.