The meeting was held at Richmond Hotel with the support of Sırimpeks-Secret Power Renewable Energy Services and it brought together 65 women from the energy sector, especially in the renewable energy field.

TWRE is established with the cooperation of all women who want to work in the energy sector and who are part of sustainable life. There are private sector representatives and also women working in energy sector from different disciplines; lawyer, architect, engineer, environmental planner, finance, technical consultancy companies, women workers and turbine and panel manufacturer, inverter manufacturer, representatives of EPC companies, to work as a broad-based organization.

At the meeting, which aims to ensure the communication of female professionals who will play or are already playing an active role in the development of the energy sector and aiming to increase number of green collar female professionals in the sector, a series of decisions has been taken.

TWRE will meet 5 times a year, while through the “Networking Committee” in order to help the career planning of women in the sector, it was decided to create a CV bank and prepare a mentoring program.

The “Communication Committee” was formed for the establishment of corporate communication and organizing the congress-fair participation.

The “Education Committee” was established to organize training and technical trip programs while establishing the “Employment Committee” for research.

TWRE will start to communicate with local and international associations, platform and universities to develop sustainable projects under “Sustainable Projects Committee”.

TWRE decided to have their next meeting, on 8 March, International Women’s Day, as a special session.

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