WiRE (Women in Renewables) Canada has mission to advance the role of women working in Energy sector. So, they launched an introduction meeting. It was in İstanbul with the Support of Canadian Government  as a part of Gender Equality Actions. There, WiRE founders meets TWR (Turkish Women in Renewables) founder and members in İstanbul. Date was 15.10.2018. These professionals already have an active role for the development of industry. And they will take action and gender equality. All women from different disciplines who is working and interested in working in renewable energy industry and be a part of sustainable living should be member of the group. You can reach the group management from trwomeninrenewables@gmail.com and via Linkedin.

Turkish Women in Renewables (TWR) / Yenilenebilir Enerji Sektöründeki Türk Kadınları